Bad Video Alarm, also known as in languages, for example, Chinese: "坏的视频报警" (Bad video alarm), Japanese: "悪いビデオアラーム" (Bad video alarm), is a type of species, that lived in Gigglevokia.

Some rumors said he lives in the Silly Haunted House, others said he hypnotizes people with Bad Video Lazers. Every time he sees a bad video, he will tell the victim to pick a another video. If not, the victim will explode into a thousand pieces.

Bad Video Alarm

This is what Bad Video Alarm looked like.

When he says: "Bad video!", he will shoot Bad Video Lazers towards you. It will never be quiet! The only way to go away from this monstrosity is to pick a good video. Also, this thing is undestructable. Why? Because he's a Silly Demi-God! That's why!

Bad Video Alarm looks like a green alarm with wings sticking out.

Trivia: Edit

  • He was created by the Sillyple

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