The map of Gigglevokian City

The map of the Gigglevokian City.

Gigglevokian City (pronounced at the end "Va-kee-an") is a city located somewhere in Gigglevokia. For some reason, it was way smaller than Canada. Gigglevokian City was originally called Giggle Town back then. During the war, some male Silly Machine named Fookoo continued fighting the Serious Machines. After this war had ended, Fookoo renamed the city to Gigglevokian City.

Name Edit

Gigglevokian City derives from a Chuckleish term, which translates to "City that turns you into a Silly Machine."

History Edit

Prehistoric Times and Ancient Times Edit

500,000 years ago, a first Silly Machine was appeared to walk on the planet Gigglevolkia. And then, the silliness was created a few seconds after.

Many years later, the Silly Machine population was beginning to grow. They started building stuff like their homes, etc.

Another many years later, they had finished building their homes. They also invented the Fun To-do list made of stone (See the sub-heading that read "Present", it was made of paper).

A few years later, a first group of Serious Machines appeared to walk on this planet.

During the ancient times, the Silly Machines created a tribe called The Silly Machine Tribe. They started to look for the Serious Machines, if they can kill one when they see in sight. They also started the Silly Machine War, which last for about 2 and a half years.

After this war had ended, they started building safe houses.

Five Hundred Years Ago Edit

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