The Silly Character Group is a type of group that is filled with characters that you see in any Cartoons, TV shows, Movies, and more. This group was founded by Joker Laffer (pronounced "Laf-fur") a very long time ago.

History Edit

Early Years Of This Group Edit

Late Prehistoric Times: Edit

30 BC: The Silly Character Group was founded.

28 BC: Bugs Bunny was the first joined the Silly Character Group.

26 BC: Donald Duck was the second to join the Silly Character Group.

24 BC: Woody Woodpecker was the third to join this group, but he was retired many months later.

22 BC: Elmo, the first monster was here to join this group.

20 BC: Woody Woodpecker was came back in this group.

18 BC: Big Bird, the first bird was here to join this group, but he got retired a few months later.

16 BC: Oscar the Grouch, the second monster was here to join this group, but he got retired 6 months later.

14 BC: Big Bird was came back to this group.

12 BC:

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