Welcome MessageEdit

Welcome to the Silly Machine wiki! We make silly jokes in chats, and much more! Come on down to the Silly Machine wiki! If you're a serious person, leave this wiki! If you're a silly person, go to this wiki! Have Fun!

Describe your topicEdit

We are telling jokes in chats, writing silly articles, and more, Since 2015!

Having some fun? Edit

If you are bored, Go to Mini Games, to have some fun, and excitement!

Rules in this Wiki Edit

Good Things: Edit

  • Don't leave this wiki, unless you ask me (the administrator of this wiki).
  • Make sure you check, If your silly articles has good grammar, great sentences, and wonderful quality. If not, I will fix your grammar and sentences for you.

Bad Things: Edit

  • No swearing
  • Don't put violence or inappropriate content on your articles.

Latest activityEdit

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